• These are the poles I bought after much deliberation. Fixed-length walking sticks make sense for ultra marathons since you should be using them for the entire 100km and not having to stow them away. Telescopic and folding walking poles are great for packing away but will not be as strong as fixed-length poles with their joints – a bit like comparing a length of timber vs three pieces with joints. Carbon fibre poles are lighter than aluminium and weight really helps on ultra marathons. These walking poles are good value but you can always upgrade to Leki if you double your budget! Go get 'em!
  • Power Banks are an essential item these days if you use your iPhone or Android phones for leisure. I use my iPhone for navigation, route mapping, photography, videos, social media etc so it’s on most of the day running down the battery. This smaller 5,000mAh Power Bank should enable you to charge your phone a couple of time with a full charge over night. If you don't want to carry a larger Solar Power Bank or you are not that power hungry with your tech then a few smaller ones might be the solution for you. I picked the red one for visibility purposes when you drop it!  
  • I bought these boots when they were branded Brashers Supalites. Berghaus bought Brashers and quite reightly carried on these boots. I can say these are the best boots I've ever owned. I've done two ultra marathons in them and got not one single blister! Obviously I can't promise the same experience but my pair fit like a glove, are really light and totally waterproof. Definitely worth it for me!
  • These trousers are great for hiking and bike touring alike. I've used them for both. For ultra marathons it's good to know you can whip the legs off if it's too hot for trousers – I've not had to do that yet but you never know. They pack up really small so ideal leisure trousers for hiking and camping. They are very strong and tear proof so they'll last for years.
  • These very odd looking socks have worked well for me and I've avoided any blisters on my 100km ultra marathons so far. I couldn't say for sure that these were completely responsible but played their part. These baselayer socks combined with regular hiking socks and Berghaus Supalite walking boots made for comfortable walking.
  • A head torch is a really useful item to take night hiking or on cycle tour. I first bought one for my 100km 24 hour walks, so I know they are good in the dark and don't eat up batteries too quickly. They are useful for hands free stuff like riding in the dark, setting up camp, collecting fire wood, navigating etc. They usually have three settings for brightness so you can adjust to conditions and manage your battery life accordingly. You can use it like a normal torch too so you can save weight by bringing only this and your front light. Worth every penny!
  • A Power Bank is an essential item these days to keep your iPhone or Android charged. I use my iPhone for navigation, route mapping, photography, videos, social media etc so it's on all the time draining the battery. A big Power Bank should keep you in power all day with a full charge over night. I don't normally go for gimmicks but this one has a torch which is useful and solar charging. Solar charging is usually a bit disappointing at the moment but a trickle charge when you are riding or walking helps top it up. If you end up in an emergency situation the solar might just help!
  • I've had the same Tilley hat for years – they really do last! They are fantastic in the sun – rated UPF 50+ and they are equally effective in the rain. Once they get wet they stiffen up and remain totally waterproof. They have a chin strap front and back so you won't loose it in a storm even if you are sailing! Worth the money since you really are buying the best!
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